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Metalcross is your source for everything automotive, from scratch and dent repairs to minor services. Get in contact with an expert today.

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WELCOME TO Metalcross

Metalcross Vehicle Makeover Clinic is your source for the most professional panel beating and automotive services. We offer a 15 hour turnaround time on most services and quality assurance.

  • 15 Hour Turnaround time
  • 90% Positive Customer Feedback
  • 40 Years of Professional Experience
  • Friendly Staff & Great Customer Support
  • Drop off service


Browse our full range of services available.

Paint Restoration & Color Change

Lets restore your vehicles paintwork to its original condition.

Part Replacement & Accessory Fitment

Need someone to source spare parts? Use our connected network.

Aircon Regassing

Aircon regas to keep you comfortable in your vehicle.

Oil Exchange

Oil change done by professionals to keep your vehicle running at its best.

Color Detailing

Colour detailing to enhance your vehicles appearance

Anti Smash & Grab Film

Anti-Smash & Grab Protective Film to keep you safe.

Windscreen Replacement

Aircon Regas for motor vehicles

Headlamp Restoration

Headlamp Restoration for all vehicles, small to large.

Scratch & Dent Repairs

Scratch and Dent Repairs done in 15 hours

Small & Medium Accident Repairs

Small to Medium Accident Repairs done by Industry Professionals

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