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Frank Menezes began

his Panel Beating career back in 1984 as an apprentice working for a reputable company in Alberton. In 1993 after qualifying, Frank together with his brother Manny joined forces and opened their own auto body shop in 1993.

A cut above the rest

True empowerment goes beyond the 4 corners of documents on BBBEE. It takes employees from a state of the unknown-unknown all the way to the known-known. Simply put, employees learn on the job everything from basic technical skills to the advanced.

Having achieved the milestone of equipping all its employees with necessary skills, Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic has taken the quest to empower employees further.

Take Philemon Matsapola for instance. He started working for Metal Cross alongside Frank and Conscious 10 years ago. Aside from learning every technical skill available within the industry, Frank shared with him leadership and management skills and administrative procedures.

“One thing that stands out for me has always been the ability to learn from the boss every day of my working days. Frank is not the kind that gives up on anyone,” says Philemon.

Philemon points to employees’ involvement in the performance of the business as truly empowering. Knowing that their input makes a difference is motivating and exciting.

Stats SA bemoans the multitudes of youth languishing in communities with no jobs and skills to absorb them into the job market. On the other hand Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic is contributing to the national interest by employing unskilled young people, giving them skills and providing them permanent employment.

The knock-on effect is young people who support their families and are groomed to start their businesses and to employ other young people.

Though Frank is blasé about his contribution to the principle of empowerment, Philemon and the rest of Metal Cross team agree.
The panel beating industry is not famous for empowering those that support it. When a company like Metal Cross makes great strides in making a difference, its efforts are not echoed by management but by employees who benefit from the transformation programme undertaken by the company. And that is what makes Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic a cut above the rest.

Time well spent

A lot has changed since Tinyiko Mncube first set foot, 10 years ago, at the then modestly set up business premises of Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic. Affectionately known by his middle name, Conscious, he still beams with excitement at any mention of celebrations or congratulations.

Tinyiko, a gift in XiTsonga, has developed an extraordinary bond with Metal Cross, the scratch and dent removal specialist company. This bond can be traced back to his early days when he was barely out of his teens.

Tinyiko’s father, Falcon, met Frank Menezes when Tinyiko was only 19 years old. He had waited for him in order to ask for a job for his son, a move he had to make though he dreaded.

Tinyiko recalls his first task to mow the lawn with a little embarrassment that, being of no experience, set the mower to the lowest level and simply ploughed the lawn off.

“I was terrified that I was going to lose my chance of getting the job my father had negotiated,” says Tinyiko.

“I can say I grew up in the company and the company grew up with me,”

Now 29 years old, Tinyiko is grateful to Frank. “I was a blank sheet when Frank took me in and taught me everything I know,” he says. He was really understanding in the beginning, knowing that I needed close guidance. So he let me do soft tasks such as polishing finished cars.”

From polishing cars he had to master the art and science of mixing paint in which he excelled. “Spray painting found me ready because it was one thing I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on.”

Tinyiko unashamedly admits that the team in the workshop didn’t come from a refined environment. So from time to time rivalry on the shop floor led to skirmishes that threatened the orderly work ethic.

Frank intervened in a firm but structured manner which sought to reinforce teamwork and refine character. Looking at Tinyiko and the team, it has been a time well spent.

Ready to take off

Metal Cross gives its first protégé a once in a lifetime chance at entrepreneurship

Meet Frans Matlhwana. A man of many talents who is as dynamic as he is cryptic. Frans is an accomplished paint mixer and spray painter. His keen eye for accurate colour matching and mixing makes him one of the very few with his adept craft in the panel beating industry.

His story mimics an emotional drama with gut wrenching highs and lows that can keep an avid movie goer at the edge of his seat. Frank Menezes, founder and executive manager of Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic, recalls many a man hour of intense discussions with Frans ranging from calming his emotional outbursts to structured leadership and personal, career development pep talks.

But it has not been in vain. “I owe the last 10 years of my life to Frank. He raised us like his own children. We were all young and without any experience when we joined him,” says Frans.

“I can trust him with my life. Even when I have personal problems I know I can talk to him,” he says.

Frans describes his situation in a combination of metaphors: “I’m like a bird which is about to leave the nest and fly to faraway places that it has only heard of but never seen. I’m ready to go fight new battles knowing that the master who trained me has my back.”

His metaphor refers to an opportunity which Metal Cross’s executive management has created and offered one of its longest serving employees in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. The official hand over is on the 3 March 2017.

Frans has been trained and provided a mobile panel beating unit that will see the beginning of his own Panel Beater business, FPDM Mobile Scratch and Dent Repairs. He will be mentored and coached by Frank in this new venture.

As a seed to the new mobile panel beating business, Metal Cross family held an official hand-over ceremony where the rain started drizzling, in what was seen as a sign of blessing.

An emotional Frans received a Toyota bakkie fully equipped with scratch and dent equipment and stock which was celebrated by employees and clients.

Asked if he was nervous he said he was too excited to be nervous. Besides, he said in conclusion, I’m ready for my next challenge.

Celebrating 10 years of empowerment through integrity

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This Chinese proverb sums up Frank and Liz Menezes journey as founders of Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic. Friday 3 March 2017 marks the 10th year from the day Frank established his Scratch and Dent Removal business.

Metal Cross’ Humble Beginnings

Frank looks back with a sense of accomplishment as he recalls how he started out. Driven by a need to make a difference, he set out in his bakkie, a mobile panel beating unit. He would call in on his clients, fixing their vehicles’ dents and scratches at their office premises and residences.

So sentimental is he about his humble beginnings, he kept most of what he started out with and used it to pay it forward.

Watch closer as he later in this piece demonstrates how his will to invest in the development and empowerment of young and deprived people who were hungry to learn and achieve, led to the formation of a multi-skilled, formidable and highly driven and achieving team.

Man of Integrity

But first things first. In case you are wondering why Frank quit his job as a qualified panel beater with a guaranteed salary at the end of each month to pursue a startup that would burn more cash before it started rewarding him with anything other than the satisfaction of being his own boss.

Well, being a Christian, Frank could no longer stand-by in the face of a panel beating industry whose moral integrity was in tatters.

It was time to stand up for fair and honest quoting. He speaks passionately about doing the right things right in relation to the business’s employees, clients and suppliers. It always comes back to you, he says.

The first 5 years with the first 5 employees

With a clear vision and core values informing his every move, Frank carried Metal Cross from the back of his bakkie to a tent across the parking lot from a carwash behind Fourways Crossing. The tent became a beacon of curiosity and hope to passersby.

Frans, Arthur, Philemon, Laurence and Conscious became the first 5 employees who saw Metal Cross through its first 5 years of existence.

Determined to see his future stars rise and rise, Frank equipped all 5 employees with multiple skills ranging from stripping and assembling to flatting and, spray-painting and panel beating. In order to accelerate their development, Frank used the point system as a performance incentive.
By the company’s 5th anniversary, he had 5 prizes up for grabs, his own bakkie that he stared out with as the first prize, followed by a television set, Hi-Fi, Cell phone and a Makro voucher as the 5th prize. They each received prizes. Arthur received the first prize which to this day he still drives.

10 years later, Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic is now the leading dent and scratch repair centre in the Randburg and Fourways area of Johannesburg. With years of experience, the company has built its reputation in panel beating industry based on ethical business practice and taking care of their staff.

World Cancer Day

One of The Best Scratch and Dent Repairers in Randburg Supports World Cancer Day

This year World Cancer Day falls on Saturday 4 February 2017 and Metal Cross Vehicle Make Over Clinic  supports this global observance day.
There are 200 types of cancer, many of which have no cure. This makes it even more important for businesses to raise awareness and help fight the war against cancer. It is essential to address the world’s growing cancer burden and to work on effective control measures, especially in developing countries like South Africa.

Download the Union for International Cancer Control’s new World Cancer Day Infographic with the latest statistics, trends, and facts about cancer.

Cancer Stats in South Africa

It is estimated that there will be a 78% increase in the number of people diagnosed with cancer by 2030. South Africa’s National Cancer Registry (NCR) needs all the support it can get to invest in researching better treatment plans.
South Africa has one of the highest cancer prevalence rates in the world and many patients do not have access to quality medical care which delays effective treatment of this killer disease.

Metal Cross Scratch and Dent Repairs in Randburg Supports Social Initiatives

Metal Cross feels strongly about social upliftment and supports workers that suffer from HIV.  They have also made a commitment to ethical business practise and support International Anti-corruption Day .
Metal Cross has so much faith in their work that they offer 3 three day return on repairs. They are one of the best approved panel betters in Randburg and specialise in major dent repair, hail damage and minor dents.
Catering to both private car and fleet owners, this panel beater offers reliable and fast service. Give us a call for a quote.

International Anti-corruption Day


Metal Cross Takes a Stand On Corruption

Metal Cross is one of the leading dent and scratch repair centres in Johannesburg. With years of experience, the company has built its reputation on ethical business practice and taking care of their staff.

Frank Menezes has worked hard to establish trust and ensure that his clients always get the service they deserve. Whether it be hail damage, bumper replacement or even extensive panel beating, clients can rest assured that they will get quality workmanship and professional service.

Metal Cross feels very strongly about conducting business with integrity. With International Anti-corruption Day on the 9 December, it’s important that local businesses lead the way and stand up for what’s right.

Commemorating Anti-Corruption Day in South Africa

anti-corruption3South Africa has joined the international community in commemorating 9 December as International Anti-Corruption Day. It is regarded as a valuable opportunity to highlight the problems caused by corruption and encourage people and businesses to take action.

International Anti-Corruption Day reflects on the serious nature of corruption by raising awareness. Many times people are aware of corruption or unethical business practices but feel that their actions will have no impact or that there are no official channels to report suspicious activity too.

South African Companies Help Expose and Stamp Out Corruption

anti-corruption5South Africa has often been in the spot light with high profile corruption scandals like Nkandla casting the country in a very bad light.

If South Africa is to prosper, it is up to companies like Metal Cross to stand by their values and encourage others to join them in the fight against corruption.

The panel beater industry has often come under fire from fly-by-night operations taking advantage of consumers. These practises undermine the work done by approved panel beaters. As an approved panel beater, Metal Cross only uses the genuine parts and they guarantee fast turnaround and workmanship.

With years of experience working on the all makes of vehicles, customers can rest assured that they are getting the best value for money. Metal Cross is well-known for their ethical business practice based on honesty and integrity.

World AIDS Day


Metal Cross Takes Care of Their Employees

test-treat-tb1Former President Nelson Mandela once said that many people are more affected by the stigma surrounding AIDS than the actual disease itself.

World AIDS Day is commemorated across the globe on 1 December in a bid to highlight the plight of people living with or those who have died from HIV / AIDS in a bid to eliminate discrimination.

Metal Cross is a company that takes to heart the policy of no discrimination. They have a heart for the people that work for them and treat everyone as normal no matter who they are or what they have. It is about growing people and have a long term focus on skills improvement.

Changing people’s attitude towards those affected and infected by HIV / AIDS is key not only to controlling the disease but also to providing a meaningful life for those who are HIV positive.

Metal Cross Invests in Their Employees

zeroMetal Cross is a leading panel beater in Johannesburg that boasts more than 30 years of experience. Owned by Frank Menezes, Metal Cross is well respected in the auto repair industry for their quick turn around and affordable panel beating services.

As an approved panel beater and dent repair clinic, Metal Cross believes strongly in investing and developing their employees and work hard to provide equal opportunities at the company.

Metal Cross stands firmly behind their HIV positive employees and their families. This panel beater is unafraid of the stigma surrounding HIV / AIDS patients and is committed to creating a safe and supportive working environment. In fact, these employees have become the workshops top performers.

The Effects of Sigma and Discrimination

stigmaWorld AIDS Day is important as it reminds people that HIV / AIDS have the right to be treated equally and that there is a necessity to increase awareness, fight prejudice and improve our knowledge of the disease.

There have been incredible advances in ARV (anti – retro viral) treatment which have allowed HIV positive people to enjoy a full and rewarding life. Metal Cross understands this and fully supports their HIV positive staff in their career and managing their condition.

Some of the most tragic results of a positive diagnosis is isolation and rejection a person faces. Many companies do not treat HIV positive staff with respect and employees often feel that they will lose their job if they approach their employer. Metal Cross take a different stance, aiming to overcome the stigma associated with HIV and become actively involved in helping staff members where needed.

Often HIV positive people experience abandonment, social exclusion, job or property loss, denial of medical services and even violence.

There are still people with limited knowledge of the facts about how to protect themselves and others. It is vital that companies not only talk the talk but also walk the walk when it comes to supporting HIV /AIDS positive staff members.

Metal Cross panel beaters is certainly leading the way by example. #InOurHands

16 Days of Activism

16 Days of Activism for no violence against Women and Children. Count Metal Cross in!