Living the True Spirit of Transformation

Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic‘s reputation as a crusader of transformation precedes it. The employees of this scratch and dent repair specialist have paid tribute to this company on its 10th anniversary.
One of its leading employees, Arthur Matine recently had a nostalgic account of how far he has come with the founder of Metal Cross, Frank Menezes.

Arthur experienced true transformation in his life when he worked at Metal Cross. “Before coming to Metal Cross I lived from hand to mouth, struggling to support my family back home,” says Arthur.

His hopes of ever making it in other sectors were dashed by his lack of skills. “I was a waiter in a restaurant,” he muses flagrantly.

Everything Arthur knows about panel beating, he proudly proclaims to have learnt from Frank. “Frank is good at motivating and fast tracking our skills development,” he adds.

To test the validity of what sounded like praise-singing for the boss’s sake, the interviewer needed factual accounts of transformational values espoused by the company. It turns out that Arthur was the first prize winner of Frank’s bakkie as a reward excellent performance.

“What I see as real transformation in my life was when I was able to bring my wife from the rural areas and built my home with the help the company gave me. I could now afford to be with my family,” he says.

When he was a youngster, Arthur had dreams of becoming a motor mechanic but has no regrets. “This is even better than what I had wished for,” he shares. On Metal Cross’s 10th anniversary, a feat he shares having been with the company for 10 years, he wished Frank and the company well, saying: “Thank you my boss. May God bless you so you can teach us more and give us more opportunities.”

To Liz Menezes, Frank’s wife: “Our mother, thank you for motivating and comforting me after the damage caused by strong winds and rain to my house. Thank you, also, for all the help. I couldn’t have done it without you,“ he said in conclusion.