Laurence Luis joined Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic as an apprentice keen on learning every area of the panel beating business. “Joining Metal Cross 5 years ago was a blessing at that particular time because my daughter had just been born. I came to the right place at the right time,” says Laurence.

As you walk into Laurence’s office, the graffiti on the interior walls catches your eyes. Painstakingly written out are Bible verses in neatly sketched blocks. “So the writing is on the wall,” I remark with open fascination.

Scripture adorns the interior walls in these offices, a position that sets Metal Cross Makeover Clinic miles ahead of competitors within the panel beating’s scratch and dent repair industry. “This is a company with a soul, I quietly observe, “Biblical promises written on the walls and on their hearts”!

“When I joined the team in the workshop, I didn’t find myself sidelined because I had a language advantage. I can speak isiZulu. Communication is key to connecting with people especially when you find them in what has become their turf. It is also a sign of respect to make an effort to speak in the language of a team you want to be part of’,” explains Laurence.

One thing that Laurence describes as a highpoint in his time at Metal Cross is the goodwill the company has extended to elderly clients. “There is nothing more inspiring and blessing than to see a hand of kindness being extended to the most fragile in our society.”

Working with Laurence is never dull, he is kind, always helpful and has an amusing sense of humour. He takes on a lot but never gives up or loses his positive vibes and always goes the extra mile for clients and colleagues.
Bianca MumfordMetal Cross
Very kind person but can be stern. He pushes to progress.
Thelma ChikuwaMetal Cross
Laurence is well-mannered, friendly and always willing to help out with any work to be done and will always make sure you are happy with the work done, keeping Metalcross’ name high. He has a positive attitude towards his work.
Michael DuttonHalfway Toyota Fourways
He’s a good guy, hardworking and will to meet our needs. We have a great relationship.
Isaac MaakeCedar Isle Auto
Laurence is a down to earth person and always there to help and give advice at any given time.
Richard NjodyHalfway Toyota Honeydew
  • Skills List

    • Qualified PDR Specialist (Paintless Dent Repair)
    • Qualified Estimator in Autudex
    • Trainer in Body Prep and Colour Formulation
    • Team Manager
    • RCM (Repair Centre Manager)

Laurence is optimistic and excited about the future growth of Metal Cross. He has ambitions of managing one of the branches that are soon to be established. “I’d like to follow in Frank’s footsteps and mentor upcoming entrants in this business,” says Laurence in conclusion.